Adam Chester

Principal Security Consultant


Adam has over 7 years of professional experience in offensive and defensive security, specializing in conducting intelligence-led attack simulations for a range of sectors including large financial organizations and critical national infrastructure. With a focus on Red Teaming, Adam has completed numerous assessments aimed at identifying attack paths that adversaries could use to compromise critical assets and helping to secure customer environments against real-world threats.

Education & Certifications

  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • CHECK Team Leader (CTL)
  • CREST Certified Simulated Attack Specialist (CCSAS)

Industry Contributions

As a firm believer in free and open information sharing, Adam has spent his career developing tools and techniques to help further the skills of the offensive security industry. From working with a range of companies to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, to researching novel methods that Red Teams can use to avoid detection, Adam has contributed research openly with the aim of helping the Information Security community assess and defend against a range of adversaries.

Passion for Security

Adam has always been a hacker in the true sense of the word, never being content with the facade of a technology until fully exploring just why it works in the way that it does. This has led to many interesting findings over the years, along with countless caffeine-fueled nights spent in front of a disassembler.

Recent Blog Posts

g_CiOptions in a Virtualized World

With the leaking of code signing certificates and exploits for vulnerable drivers becoming common occurrences, adversaries are adopting the kernel as their new playground. And with Microsoft making technologies like Virtualization Based Security (VBS) and Hypervisor Code Integrity (HVCI) available, I wanted to take some time to understand just how vulnerable endpoints are when faced...

Making SMB Accessible with NTLMquic

This week, I dusted off my reading list and saw that I’d previously bookmarked an interesting article about the introduction of SMB over QUIC. The article from Microsoft showed that Windows was including support for SMB to be used over the QUIC protocol, which should immediately spark interest for anyone who includes SMB attacks as...

Object Overloading: A Novel Approach to Sneaking Malicious DLLs into Windows Processes

Using an OS binary to carry out our bidding has been a tactic employed by Red Teamers for years. This eventually led to us coining the term LOLBIN. This tactic is typically used as a way of flying under the radar of EDR solutions or to bypass application whitelisting by surrounding our code in the...
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