Brian Berg

Senior Security Consultant


Brian Berg is a Senior Security Consultant for TrustedSec. Berg has more than four years of professional experience in the information technology and services industry but has been “dabbling” in all things technical since 2002. Brian is skilled in both Python and penetration testing tools.

Education & Certifications

BS, Computer, and Network Security, Dakota State University

Passion for Security

Brian’s interest in technology was initially sparked when he was a child, and he watched his dad use the motor of Brian’s remote-controlled car to fix the window of the family van (which Brian broke). This introduced Brian to the notion that sometimes you need to break stuff in order to fix things, and breaking stuff is something for which Brian has a great passion.

Recent Blog Posts

SIGINT to Synthesis

Not too long ago, I was at a hardware store and I came across some lights that I wanted to play with because I had a feeling they could be fun for Halloween and make for a decent blog post. Before I purchased the lights, I looked at their online manual and checked to see...
SDR Entering the Noise Floor graphic

SDR: Entering the Noise Floor

First, I would like to preface this article by saying that gr-limesuite and the LimeSDR drivers are updated fairly regularly. Some of the issues that I have encountered in the past have been remedied by recent updates. With that said, the information in this article should remain relevant, but the pictures may vary with subsequent...

A Buyer’s Guide to Beginning SDR

For my first post on software-defined radios (SDRs), I’d like to start off by talking about a few things that most people find out through either experience or spending hours hunting on Google (or never figure out at all, and chalk the problem up to software bugs and hardware gremlins). One thing that I learned...
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