Buni Okeke

Senior Incident Response Consultant


Buni started his IT career as a C++ programmer, then quickly moved on to Oracle Database Administration before settling down in cyber security. While in cyber security, Buni spent most of his time in a Security Operations Center (SOC). From the SOC, he began to delve into various aspects of cyber security, including malware analysis, vulnerability management, forensics, and threat hunting. Buni is career-driven and has a strong desire to learn and share knowledge.

Education & Certifications

Bowie State University (BSc in Computer Science)

SANS Intrusion Detection In-Depth

SANS Reverse Engineering Malware

SANS Network Penetration Testing

SANS Advanced Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and Threat Hunting

Passion for Security

From a young age, it was widely expected that Buni would end up a detective due to his undying love of solving puzzles and working out complex issues. Well, while he didn’t end up on a police force, he did end up a cyber detective. As he broke into the security realm, Buni became interested in malware, threat hunting, and Incident Response. Buni has continued to build on this passion by attending conferences, reading blogs and books, and mentoring.

Recent Blog Posts

Incident Response Ransomware Series: Part 1

In this three-part blog post series, we will provide an introduction into what ransomware is, how it works, and how it spreads to systems within an organization. We will also provide examples of different types of ransomware and variation of ransomware tactics. In part two, we will go in-depth to understand the various attack vectors...
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Buni Okeke

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