Christopher Paschen

Senior Research Analyst


Christopher has worked in Information Security in both the private and public sectors for more than 5 years. He has experience with managing Active Directory and network services for a small team and has developed products that are used across organizational boundaries to accomplish a variety of red team tasks.

Education & Certifications

  • Master of Science, Applied Computer Science, Dakota State University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Computer and Network Security, Dakota State University

Passion for Security

Christopher has always been interested in how computers worked. He started assembling his first system with birthday money when he was 13 years old and experimented with programming in high school. While pursuing his Information Security career in college, he led teams for CCDC and capture the flag (CTF) events in order to share his love for computer security with those around him. Currently, he enjoys experimenting with systems by challenging assumptions of what should and should not be possible.

Recent Blog Posts

Disabling AV With Process Suspension

Every now and again, I see a crazy tweet that feels like it just can’t be true. Many of them are not true or are folks making overblown statements about something cool they found—this is part of the research game, and folks are entitled to be excited about what they are learning. Recently, however, I...

Changes in the Beacon Object File Landscape

Time flies when you’re having fun! Can you believe it has been over two (2) years since the release of beacon object files (BOFs)? BOFs were released June 25, 2020, according to the release notes for Cobalt Strike. At that time, I wrote about what made BOFs special in terms of Cobalt Strike, as well...
RPC Programming for the Aspiring Windows Developer

RPC Programming for the Aspiring Windows Developer

As EDR/AV solutions have evolved, attackers, be they malicious or hired testers, need to improve their techniques by exploring new avenues of accomplishing common tasks. These methods evolve over time and sometimes even cycles as techniques become highly detected, then dropped, and later rediscovered. Over a series of posts, we are going to investigate mixing...
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Recent Webinars

Using Research to Gain Attack Intelligence

Recorded on November 4, 2020 Many penetration tests are falling short It’s becoming commonplace for penetration testers to encounter maturing products that recognize common attack patterns or post-exploitation activities. Many go-to testing tools are becoming ineffective without code modification to...
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