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Geoff Walton is a Senior Security Consultant for Cleveland-based TrustedSec. He joined TrustedSec’s founder, David Kennedy, after years of working in information security. Geoff’s expertise in pen testing, network security, and software analysis comes from over ten years experience in a variety of information technology roles including software development, network operations, and information security specific functions; Geoff brings a broad vision to assessments and penetration test engagements. Geoff has been part of diverse IT teams at organizations both large and small. He has experience across several industries including retail, professional services, and manufacturing. Geoff has experience in performing static code analysis of mainframe code base to including Cobol. Geoff holds a degree in Information Science (cum Laude) from Baldwin Wallace College. Professionally Geoff has had an active role in developing information Security practices and has been responsible for network operations and security architecture throughout his career.

Education & Certifications

B.S. Information Science, minor Computer Science Baldwin Wallace College CISSP

Industry Contributions

Developer, DerbyCon CTF Administrator, DerbyCon CTF

Passion for Security

Geoff has been responsible for a number of professional accomplishments including having sole assessment responsibility for environments such as financial institutions, Internet Companies, and Universities. His assessment experience includes clients in multiple lines of business ranging from healthcare, finance, insurance, education, and software development.

Recent Blog Posts

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Building a “Quick” Lab Environment with Linux Containers

As a penetration tester, I often need to stand up small environments (and sometimes not so small) for a few different reasons—to try things out before making a mess of a client’s production system, to avoid being detected, or to use it simply for our own practice. A lot of us at TrustedSec are remote,...
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Ruby ERB Template Injection

Written by Scott White & Geoff Walton Templates are commonly used both client and server-side for many of today’s web applications.  Many template engines are available in several different programming languages.  Some examples are Smarty, Mako, Jinja2, Jade, Velocity, Freemaker, and Twig.  Template injection is a type of injection attack that can have some particularly...

SHIPS version 2 Released! (major release)

The Shared Host Integrated Password System (SHIPS) is an open-source solution created by Geoff Walton from TrustedSec to provide unique and rotated local super user or administrator passwords for environments where it is not possible or not appropriate to disable these local accounts. Our goal is to make post exploitation more difficult and provide a...
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April 03, 2020
Geoff Walton

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