Kimberly Hall

Senior Security Consultant


Kimberly has over a decade of experience as an Internal Defense Specialist for Fortune 500 companies and 20+ years of experience in IT. She has built and matured successful detection and response programs and emphasizes quality detections to improve response time.

Industry Contributions

Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS), Women Tech Council, NovaHackers

Passion for Security

Kimberly’s passion for security, not just in processes, but in education, is contagious, and she delights in finding ways to make it easy for companies and individuals to become more secure. She’s also known for mentoring junior and aspiring security practitioners, helping to build an understanding of [challenges within the industry‚Ķ whatever is suitable here for her experience] whenever she has the opportunity.

Recent Blog Posts

Detection and Alerting: Selecting a SIEM

Summary Basic SIEM requirements should be in place to create mature detections for a variety of log sources, including network logs, system logs, and application logs (including custom applications). This focuses on Security Operations and does not include the engineering side of SIEM management, e.g., licensing, hardware/cloud requirements, retention needs, etc. Each component of the...
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