Leo Bastidas

Senior Incident Response Consultant


Leo has 15 years of experience of incident response combined from the military and private sector. Majority of his experience comes from DoD but has been in the private sector for the last few years.

Education & Certifications

GPEN – GIAC Penetration Tester

GLEG – GIAC Law of Data Security & Investigations

GCIH – GIAC Certified Incident Handler

Passion for Security

Leo was taught from a young age, if you can defend someone less fortunate, it is your duty to do so. That lesson carried him into joining the military and incident response. After transitioning out of the military, Leo fell in love with open-source and free software to help defend, train, and advise someone who otherwise was not able to spend the money in order to have basic security. Leo started hanging out with like-minded individuals and helped coordinate and run an open-source blue team CTF.

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