Luke Bremer

Security Consultant


Luke has 10 years of IT experience and has worked with and wrote applications in .NET and .NET Core, as well as different SPA-based sites. Luke specializes in web application development and penetration testing to demonstrate basic and advanced tactics for identifying security issues in web applications and services.

Education & Certifications

BS from Davenport University

Industry Contributions

Luke has set up static and dynamic code scanners and written secure coding documentation and remediation guides.

Passion for Security

Luke has always had a passion for exploring and securing technology for himself and others. He is part of CTF and bug bounty programs, including TryHackMe, Hack The Box, Burp Suite Academy, and HackerOne.

Recent Blog Posts

How to Get the Most Out of Your Pentest

TL;DR Define the goal of an assessment. Take time to choose the right assessment type. The more detail you give about an asset, the better quality your report will be. Select the right environment for the assessment. Consider the timing for performing the assessment. Communicate internally and make sure everyone is up to speed. Do...

Avoiding Mixed Content Errors with an HTTPS Python Server

Disclaimer: To set up a secure Python server, we need a domain name that we can access. 1. Introduction At some point during penetration testing, bug hunting, and capture the flag competitions, we will likely need to download a file or send a request to a server that we can access. Depending on what we...
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TrustedSec Security Podcasts

BYO-Driver and GrrCon

February 05, 2023

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