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CSO & VP of Consulting Services


Martin Bos is the Vice President of Consulting for Cleveland-based security firm, TrustedSec. Martin oversees project execution and delivery for Technical Services, Advisory Services and Remediation Services. Martin’s primary expertise is in full scope penetration testing, red team style engagements and other areas of testing that requires a non-standard black box approach. With over twelve years’ experience doing attack simulations and a number of other years involved in other aspects of security and networking, Martin brings a wide range of unique skills, threat models and attack methodologies to every engagement. Additionally, Martin is considered an expert in password recovery methodologies.

Education & Certifications

Associates Degree, Computer Networking Services, ITT Technical Institute

Professional Affiliations

Martin Bos is a founding member of Team Hashcat which competes every year in the Defcon “Crack Me if you Can” Password Cracking Competition. 2014 – 2nd Place, 2013 – 1st Place, 2012 2nd Place and 2011 – 1st Place

Industry Contributions

Founder, Derbycon Security Conference Developer, Kali Linux Co-Author, smbexec Martin Bos is a regular speaker at security conferences around the country including Derbycon and Shmoocon and many other smaller regional conferences.

Passion for Security

Martin’s passion for security manifests itself in extensively working with clients to help understand where and why the defenses failed and more importantly, how to remediate the issues. It is for this reason that Martin is very passionate about testing the security posture of organizations with all of the defenses and security controls in place. While working in the security field, Martin has conducted penetration testing against a large number of Fortune 500 companies in varying business verticals such as; financial institutions, retail chains, casinos, manufacturing, and education.

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As its name suggests, a multi-cloud environment is a network that utilizes the services of more than one cloud provider. There are many different ways that multi-cloud infrastructures can be designed and a primary topic of discussion is how to properly secure these environments.  No single cloud service provider has the best environment for every...

Introduction to GPU Password Cracking: Owning the LinkedIn Password Dump

This blog was written by Martin Bos, Senior Principal Security Consultant – TrustedSec Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you have probably heard about the dump from the 2012 LinkedIn hack being released.  TrustedSec was able to acquire a copy of the list and use it for research purposes. Our...

Second – Larger – Ashley Madison Dump Released

A second – larger dump containing multiple files roughly around 19gigs was just released on TOP of the original dump two days ago with the Ashley Madison hack. It looks like it was in response to Avid Life (owner of Ashley Madison) response that the dump was not legitimate and fake. The Impact Team hackers...
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Recent Webinars

Password Recovery 101: Cracking More of Your List

Get stuck trying to access a file or database that has stored encrypted user credentials? During most assessments, it can be easy to stop conducting password recovery when you’ve successfully cracked half of your list. In this interactive webinar, we’ll...

Cloud Security: Pen Testing and Program Building

Recorded December 12, 2018 at 1:00 P.M. EST Companies Are Still Foggy With Security in the Cloud. One of the questions we get most often is about cloud security. In fact, it’s one of the least understood areas for both...
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March 25, 2023

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