Nick Doerner

Security Consultant


Nick Doerner is a security consultant with over 4 years  of experience in penetration testing and social engineering. This experience has allowed Nick to work with a number of organizations in the medical and financial sectors to help secure their networks against malicious threats. In addition to consulting, Nick is an adjunct professor working with students that are looking to break into the security field.

Education & Certifications

AS – Computer Forensic Sciences

BS – Cybersecurity

MS – Cybersecurity

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)




Industry Contributions

Nick is a red team member for CNY Hackathon, a small hacking challenge oriented towards student education in central New York. He is also a red team member for the C2Games national cybersecurity competition. Nick is speaking at Layer8Con in 2021.

Passion for Security

Nick’s passion for security stems from bypassing security features on his high school’s network. He has always had a passion for learning new tools and techniques while trying to think like the bad guys. His number one objective is to aid in the overall security of his clients.

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