Ryan Boyle

Security Consultant


Ryan Boyle is a Security Consultant on the Advisory team. He completed an internship at TrustedSec and is now a practicing consultant. Ryan was introduced to Python and some other coding languages along with statistical tools such as SPSS which he uses in his security work.

Education & Certifications

• Criminal Justice BA – Adrian College
• Criminal Justice MA – Adrian College
• Program Certificate for Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp – Nexus at University of Michigan Engineering

Passion for Security

Ryan’s passion for continuous learning and development contributes greatly to his professional/personal interest to all thing’s information security. He’s always had an interest in how things worked and cybersecurity has been able to satisfy those curiosities.

Recent Blog Posts

Data Retention Practices – A Brief Overview

Data retention practices can vary between companies based on compliance requirements, location, and types of data. Best practice dictates an organization should only retain data for only as long as it is useful, or to satisfy legal or regulatory requirements. Defining what is needed for an organization will ensure compliance with relevant legal statues and...
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