Ryan Leese

Senior Security Consultant


Ryan brings 4+ years of penetration testing and vulnerability management experience built on a mixed history of administering Windows/Linux server, enterprise VMware, and Cisco products. Ryan specializes in web application pentesting to provide knowledgeable application of advanced tactics to identify security issues in web applications and services. The use of test-driven python programming to develop new toolsets and automate existing processes allows Ryan to deliver tremendous value.

Passion for Security

Before it was his job, security has always been a topic and hobby of great interest for Ryan, whether it was password cracking on his home computer, questionable methods of learning Wi-Fi security with the help of neighbors, lock picking, or programming a robotic padlock brute forcer. Now as part of the infosec community, Ryan continues carrying this passion for helping others grow to be more secure.

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CORS Findings: Another Way to Comprehend

When I first started learning about Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) as it applies to web application pentesting, I found it was difficult to gather information needed to fully grasp the security implications of common CORS misconfigurations. (Spoiler: If Burp Suite lights up red like below, things can get pretty ugly!) I think there’s a...
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