Stefano Ratto

Security Consultant


Stefano Ratto joined TrustedSec at the culmination of a career spent building software products for a variety of industries, including finance, telecommunications, and consumer products. He is an Italian bioengineer, code wizard, hacker, father of two, and triathlete who enjoys talking to computers in Python and loves understanding how everything works…everywhere. Stefano has worked in a variety of roles during his years in Italy, India, Germany, and now the United States and brings a broad vision to any engagement.

Education & Certifications

University of Genova – Italy

CompTIA Inc.

Offsec Services Ltd.


PortSwigger Ltd.

Amazon Web Services

Oracle Corp


Industry Contributions

Stefano has developed and released several tools and frameworks under a variety of open-source licenses, contributed to notable community-driven projects, and given various presentations and webinars.

Passion for Security

The passion that Stefano has today for the world of cybersecurity comes from the deep sense of creativity he experienced during the OSS revolution of the late ’90s when Linux was adopted by the masses. Suddenly, not only did software become incredibly accessible, but so did information and knowledge.

The extreme availability of information and knowledge we experience today, because of the World Wide Web and the lack of any excuse ‘not to do the work’ to get you what you want and where you want to be, drive Stefano to go to bed every day better than when he woke up.

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