Stephen Marchewitz

Director of Practice Development


Stephen has been in the security and risk industry for over 13 years and in IT for over 20 years. He has assisted companies in driving change to ensure clients are successful both in receiving value from products and services as well as managing the security and compliance risks of new projects and technologies. He’s served as an outsourced Chief Information Security Officer for a dozen different companies and consulted to some of the largest companies in the world. Prior to joining TrustedSec, Stephen was the Global Risk Practice Manager in the Digital Transformation Group at Cisco, President and Advisory Practice Lead for a leading information security firm for nine years, a Management Consultant with Ernst & Young, held Technology Management and sales positions with CA and Oracle, and developed new offerings in the insurance industry as an Underwriter and Program Director with Willis Coroon/Chubb in underwriting risk. He is dedicated to helping customers implement the right solutions and services that best meet their business needs, thus allowing them to achieve new levels of success.

Education & Certifications

  • University of Michigan, Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Communications and Statistics
  • Case Western Reserve University, MBA in Management Information & Decision Systems
  • PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)
  • Certified ISO 27001 Auditor

Industry Contributions

Stephen has been quoted in such magazines as: Banking Info Security, Government IT, Wall Street Technology, Transaction World, Infosec Institute, Crains, Automation World, Modern Economics, among many others. He’s also presented at various events across the country including: ISACA, ISSA, SecureWorld, the Infosec Summit, Business of Security, the IoT World Forum, various Cisco events, and numerous webinars.

Passion for Security

Stephen’s passion is helping people. He addresses not only technical issues, but more importantly the human issues that CISO’s deem as their greatest areas of need. Stephen is counted on as an expert in risk, security, business intelligence, and decision support systems. Enterprise risk management is an area that many executives and boards are struggling with. He has assisted by giving clear direction and putting complex thoughts into layman’s terms.

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February 03, 2023

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