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A Primer on Cloud Logging TrustedSec Security Blog

A Primer on Cloud Logging for Incident Response

Overview This blog post will provide an overview of common log sources in Azure and AWS, along with associated storage and analysis options. At a high level, cloud-based incidents can be categorized into host-based compromises (that is, compromises primarily involving virtual machines hosted in the cloud) and identity-based or resource-based compromises (compromises primarily involving cloud-native...

Hardening Backups Against Ransomware

Human-operated ransomware represents a unique challenge to backup infrastructures. Unlike in other scenarios, ransomware attackers specifically target and attempt to destroy backup systems to increase the likelihood that a victimized organization will pay the ransom. This threat requires a different approach to securing backup infrastructure. The Old Ways Are Not Enough Traditionally, enterprise backup infrastructures...

How Your Team’s Culture Determines the Value of Your Tabletop Exercise

A tabletop exercise (TTX) measures more than an organization’s technical capabilities and adherence to an incident response plan—it facilitates the confluence of personalities and team cultures, in turn revealing friction not only in processes but also in team dynamics. The success of an organization’s response in both a TTX scenario and, more importantly, a real-world...
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Navigating the “Penetration Testing” Landscape

One name, many meanings. Validating the effectiveness of your security controls through penetration testing is a crucial element in constructing a robust security posture. However, performing the wrong level of analysis can be frustrating or even give an organization a...

Detections and Defensive Insights From the ContiLeaks

Recorded on Tuesday, March 15th, 2022 at 1pm Eastern On February 27, 2022, a cache of chat logs from the notorious ransomware group Conti was anonymously leaked to the public. The leak revealed previously unpublished information about the group’s internal...

Defending Backups Against Ransomware

Download a copy of the webinar slides Ransomware is a Different Beast Human-operated ransomware represents a unique challenge to backup infrastructures. Unlike other disaster scenarios, a ransomware attack specifically targets and attempts to destroy backup systems to increase the likelihood...
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