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Front, Validate, and Redirect

In the age of threat hunting, automated mass scanning, and the occasionally curious SOC, properly securing your command and control (C2) infrastructure is key to any engagement. While many setups today include a CDN Domain Front with a custom Nginx or Apache ruleset sprinkled on top, I wanted to share my recipe for success. Fully...

RisingSun: Decoding SUNBURST C2 to Identify Infected Hosts Without Network Telemetry

Nearly three weeks after news regarding the widespread compromise of SolarWinds Orion customers became public, TrustedSec continues to receive inquiries from clients seeking more granular detail about the nature of the compromise. In most cases, clients have received a list of command and control (C2) domains from a major vendor and require assistance in investigating...

SolarWinds Orion and UNC2452 – Summary and Recommendations

In the wake of recent revelations regarding a supply chain compromise of the SolarWinds Orion platform by a nation-state actor, and subsequent targeting of private sector and government organizations by said actor, the TrustedSec Incident Response team is releasing the following summary and guidance. This guidance reflects information from industry counterparts as well as recommendations...
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Suzanne Burdick

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