Tyler Hudak

Practice Lead, Incident Response


Tyler has over 20 years of real-world experience in incident handling, malware analysis, computer forensics, and information security for multiple organizations. He has spoken and taught at a number of security conferences about topics ranging from incident response to penetration testing techniques.

Education & Certifications

BS Computer Science, University of Akron, GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA), GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE)

Industry Contributions

MASTIFF Static Analysis Framework

Passion for Security

Tyler’s passion for incident response stems from his love of solving puzzles. He uses this ambition to get to the bottom of issues at hand; whether it’s forensic analysis of a disk, reverse engineering or malware, or the latest CTF contest, Tyler is driven to uncover every detail.

Recent Blog Posts

New Service Launched in Response to Hafnium Attacks

Over the last several days, many organizations have been affected by the Microsoft Exchange Hafnium attacks. As a result, TrustedSec’s Incident Response team has gained a lot of experience in a very short time on how to respond to these attacks and what to look for. Many of the compromised servers we have examined were...

Are You Looking for Ants or Termites?

Over the last several months, I’ve noticed something when discussing Incident Response (IR) with clients. There is often confusion between the expectation and reality concerning the end results of an IR investigation. My goal here is to clarify and set those expectations, and to show how Threat Hunting factors in. When TrustedSec gets called to...

NetScaler Honeypot

The Citrix NetScaler remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2019-19781) has been a pretty popular topic over the last few weeks. Once public exploits of the vulnerability started to appear in the wild, TrustedSec deployed a Citrix NetScaler honeypot. We did not have to wait long for the attacks to begin. Less than 24 hours after deployment,...
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Recent Webinars

The Ransomware Simulation

On September 30, 2021 TrustedSec gathered a panel of our experts to discuss threat hunting tactics and provided guidance for responding to ransomware attacks in front of a live audience. A range of strategies were presented regarding detection, deflection, and...
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Incident Response in the Cloud: Combating Business Email Compromise Threats

Incident Response in the Cloud Has Some Major Nuances. The cloud can significantly improve Incident Response capabilities if appropriately leveraged. However, many organizations, even those with traditional Incident Response plans, have faced a rude awakening with their first cloud incident....

2020 Security Trends from TrustedSec—What’s Happening Today, Tomorrow and Far Out

This webinar was recorded on January 22, 2020 No one likes surprises, especially of the security kind. We’d all like to know what the future holds. A lot of research organizations are putting out predictions for security that are all...
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Tyler Hudak

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