Zach Bevilacqua

Security Consultant


After building a career at PC repair positions and moving to System Administration and engineering, Zach Bevilacqua found his calling in Information Security as an engineer. As a builder and maintainer of systems, Zach served as a subject matter expert for a SOC and fulfilled roles as a detection engineer and security controls tester, which allowed Zach to cover many aspects of Information Security.

Education & Certifications

Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

Industry Contributions

Zach has spoken at several conferences on topics ranging from threat hunting to building a detection and response program in the enterprise.

Passion for Security

Early in his career, Zach was interested in the offensive side of security. While working toward that goal, he learned about the world of Information Security and his place within it. Zach is driven by learning how things are broken and fixed and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

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