TrustedSec Attack Platform (TAP)

TrustedSec Attack Platform (TAP) is a remote penetration testing platform builder. For folks in the security industry, traveling often times becomes a burden and adds a ton of cost to the customer. TAP was designed to make the deployment of these boxes super simple and create a self-healing and stable platform to deploy remote penetration testing platforms. Essentially the concept is simple, you pre-configure a brand new box and run the TAP setup file. This will install a service on Linux that will be configured the way you want. What it will do is establish a reverse SSH tunnel back to a machine thats exposed on the Internet for you. From there you can access the box locally from the server it connects back to. TAP automatically detects when an SSH connection has gone stale and will automatically rebuild it for you.

Download How to Get TrustedSec Attack Platform (TAP)
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To download TAP, type the following command in Linux:
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For bug reports or enhancements, please open an issue on this project’s github page.