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Our Mission

TrustedSec is an information security consulting team at the forefront of attack simulations with a focus on strategic risk-management. Our goal is to help organizations defend against threats of all kinds and change the security industry for the better.

With a team handpicked not only for expertise and technical skill, but for ethical character and dedication, TrustedSec is committed to increasing the security posture of organizations around the world.

TrustedSec is an ally to any organization working to develop and improve their security program.

Who Is TrustedSec?

TrustedSec was founded on a commitment to protecting our customers and partners with consultants who you can trust. Our team is passionate about doing the right thing for the information security industry.

Life @ TrustedSec

TrustedSec is headquartered outside of Cleveland, OH, but you can find our team sprinkled throughout the country. You can expect a TrustedSec employee to indulge in trolling on social media, uphold loyalty, race in Mario Kart (champs all day, every day), exhibit drive and diligence around the clock, conduct ridiculous pranks, and eat too much Mexican for lunch. When you check into the TrustedSec Syndicate Word Headquarters & Intergalactic Security Outpost you will hear banter and laughter, a constant throughout the day. CEO and Founder, David Kennedy has hand selected each member of the TrustedSec team, ensuring that the bond within TrustedSec is a definitive piece to the company’s success.

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